Welcome to learning about the Makko Ho stretches, a series of gentle stretches based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Introduced to the West. The Makko Ho exercises are used as a self healing technique by allowing the practitioner both sedate and tonify the meridians through specific.

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Repeat, at least, four times. As you exhale, draw the leg upward behind you, keeping the knees close together. Des Lawton Tuesday April 4th, Reply.

To stretch these meridians, sit with the soles of the feet against each other and with the feet pulled in to you. Hold this position on inhalation, and then settle further into the stretch on exhalation for three respirations.

Sometimes the most subtle work resounds the most profoundly. One of the many gifts of the Makko Hos is how they reveal the state of balance and flow in the body. Hi Des, thanks for your comment and please accept my apologies for this mistake. The other leg is tucked into the body. Group 10 Created with Sketch. Repeat the stretch you like least — mqkko straining and keeping relaxed, work more quickly this time, allowing the stuck Qi to release and flow.


Please do not force anything as this can do more harm than jakko. The compensation exercise for Earth can be done standing, seated, or in seiza. If someone has been suffering from grief, the lung and large intestine Makko Ho stretch can provide nurturing support for easing their emotional burden. We initially were given this article in spanish with no author, then I was trying to find any similar article in english and I found Pro Holistic.

Des Lawton Wednesday April 5th, Reply. I learned these stretches when I became a teacher of Wu Taoa form of dance therapy. Each meridian is connected to an organ and further connected to a particular element, season, color and emotion to mkako a few.

There is a stretch for each pair of meridians and, as they are based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, they should be done in the sequence shown i. Every Wu Tao Dance class begins with the Makko Ho stretches to warm and open up the body as we prepare to dance.

Bend forward as you exhale. It is therefore vital that you focus on the breathing and that you are aware of the changes going on within you during each stretch — this includes physical, emotional, and consciousness Body, Mind, Spirit.

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I encourage you to try the stretches as you watch the video. Cross the arms so that the opposite hand is to the leg is on top i. To stretch these meridians, sit with the legs crossed if possible, in the lotus position or the half-lotus.


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What are the Makko Ho exercises ? | SALUD al dia magazine

Now I h the Pro Holistic name after the title but there is a direct link to your article, please let me know if this is Ok with you. Group 9 Created with Sketch. These stretches, along with a self-Shiatsu routine and meditation can provide you with an integrative, oasis-like moment of calm and peace in your body.

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Hold this position before slowly returning to the original sitting position. Repeat on the other side. Group 7 Created with Sketch. You can go partly into the stretch by supporting your upper body with your arms and leaning gently back and, when in this position, thrust the pelvis forward. Link your thumbs together behind your back.