Macroscope [Piers Anthony] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of Piers Anthony’s most loved works! A great interwoven exciting story . A “hard SF” novel by Piers Anthony, who usually writes fantasy, in which mathematics forms a basis of communication between humans and intelligent aliens. Macroscope by Piers Anthony – book cover, description, publication history.

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While I respect other novels by Piers Anthony, the reality is that this was a rambling, sexist, unbelievable piece of tripe that also managed to argue that astrology is somehow legitimate science. I found it through a recent comment on Slashdot.

The signal appears to be a deliberate attempt to “jam” macroscopic communications, blocking those with the anthonyy to understand the other signals from being able to see them.

And there is shat sat on my shelf for four years being unread. With time on their hands, Ivo turns to the macroscope and finds a way to avoid being overwhelmed by the destroyer signal.

Perhaps I’ll find it again. Ellie Arroway and the alien who has taken on the form of her long-dead father to ease the conversation. They detach the macroscope from the station and fly off with it while United Nations ships give chase. Pierss searching to know too much, man could destroy the very essence of his mind. At the heart of the narrative there is a significant amount of psychology involving the main characters and what defines mmacroscope as people and how their strengths and weaknesses become a necessary aspect of the cosmic drama to which they have maacroscope thrust.

Both are mathematical in nature – the universal language among intelligent beings, as is popular among speculators in science to believe. This macroscope works under weakly understood principles: The book fills a unique place in Anthony’s work as one that has garnered good reviews from hard-core science fiction fans as well as his usual audience of fantasy fans.

References to this book Evolution and Consciousness: It was plain for all to see, unfortunately, that the book didn’t remotely come close to achieving any of these. Anthony also uses Ivo as a stand-in for Sidney Laniera poet. But after that stomach-turning display of so-called humor, my eye was honed sharp to nick the protruding follicle of any hair-raising pun.


Moments where I was completely at a loss as to what was going on. On the question of how benevolent, advanced civilizations in the universe made contact with fledgling civilization such as our Earth, the alien explains that it has always been done in baby steps, with the increasing maturity of a civilization being rewarded with more communication and exchange of ideas. I liked Anthony’s juggling of both hard science and astrology, and the fair depictions of alien cultures as well as transcendent species.

However I had trouble getting by the main character’s intentionally dull presence, and his slightly overcooked sexist views of another main character. Not to worry here folks. Love fantasy, the absurd, the fantastic.

One can see how later writers were influenced by this and had their visions of space and time formed by this very novel.


Unfortunately it gets docked a star for clumsy characterizations, some lagging sections and creaky sexism. This is one of those very early works, and by some measures it may be his best, or very nearly so, standing with his Chthon and Orn as a seminal work that introduced ideas that are still fresh and very different from the standard run-of-the-mill A Wild Soup of Sprouts, Genius, and Astrology: Her attempt to revive Brad had no hope of succeeding, something she was aware of, but ignored.

Over time, Ivo sees parallels between the characters in the drama and the group in the ship, and eventually escapes the illusion and re-asserts control.

Then I ran into a couple of his works at a thrift store and thought I’d give them a try. A grand, epic masterpiece. Pirs case my 5 star rating is insufficient to persuade you to try this book, I prepared the following comparison scale to chart the exact amount of awesomeness contained in the story.

This is one of those very early works, and by some measures it may be his best, or very nearly so, standing with his Chthon and Orn as a seminal work that introduced ideas that are still fresh and very different from the standard run-of-the-mill stuff of both then and today.

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Other things I’ve planned to do this evening It has a 4. It is overlaid by a “Destroyer” macrosxope which is a major thread in the plot for the rest of the book. Macroscope remains one of Anthony’s most-loved works, garnering praise from all quarters. This may pirs a turn off for some.

I came across a copy of this at an estate sale and was so excited to read it again, remembering it as this amazing book that had so much to say about the universe and how it worked. Jan 16, Cynthia rated it really liked it Shelves: You would be anthoy.

Macroscope (novel) – Wikipedia

To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage. Jan 11, Sachin Kailaje rated it really liked it Shelves: Discoveries continue via the use of the macroscope and the ever expanding scope excuse the unintentional pun make this book extraordinary.

In Chapter 8, one of the main characters, Ivo, ends up in ancient Damascus. From there it becomes a “big” SF story a la The Lensmen. Written in circahardly any of it seems dated even today, if you discount some fairly recent events such as our discovery of exo-planets. Brad is the lucky one—he had been reduced to the mentality of a vegetable, leaving his partner Arfa in a state of grief.

Jebelshe says, means “mountain” in Old Moorish, so they’re on Tarik’s Mountain. Rydra Wong, the gorgeous supergenius poet and linguist, has ended up on this huge spaceship which turns out to be called Jebel Tarik. This is something that constantly frustrates me because this book is a serious, complex, mind-expanding tour de force that seriously deserves to enjoy a wider audience as well as a spot among the towering works of the field. Ivo is unknowingly deemed to lead the small team of five—including himself and the vegetative Brad—to a more secure location in order to probe the deeper mysteries of the macroscope.