: The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World (Audible Audio Edition): Lynne McTaggart, Eliza Foss. The Intention Experiment has ratings and reviews. Lynne McTaggart, author, of the groundbreaking book THE FIELD, now takes it one-step farther. So I obtained The Field for myself, as well as McTaggart’s more recent book, The Intention Experiment. The moment I read the back cover of.

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She profiles the colorful pioneers in intention science and works with a team of renowned scientists from around the world, including physicist Fritz-Albert Popp of the International Institute of Biophysics and Dr. I know just enough of the idea in layman’s terms to get past the science fiction angle of what is being presented, but not nearly enough to know if the science presented here is accurate, or well represented.

Science and wisdom collide and make friends in this real-world adventure that is ultimately a guidebook for living. Likely a good thing, as I would imagine understanding the science behind the theories would be beyond my limited capabilities.

The Experiments

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is qualified by evidence that suggests that the less a physical reality or object has been seen and agreed upon, the more malleable it is on a quantum level. Now that is a transformational read! The book is also connected to a website where the reader can first-handedly contribute to global experiments on the use of focused thought for actual causal effects on reality.

Drawing on the findings of leading scientists on human consciousness from around the world, “The Intention Experiment” demonstrates that “thought is a thing that affects other things.


The Experiments – Lynne McTaggart

His light was not unlike the photons of visible light emanating from stars in the sky. As she narrates the exciting developments in the science of intention, she also profiles the colorful scientists and renowned pioneers who study the effects of focused group intention on scientifically quantifiable targets — animal, plant, and human.

The author does a great job expediment presenting the ideas to the layperson in an engaging way, without getting bogged down in the background of scientific theory.

The pilot experiment In the pilot experiment, McTaggart asked a group of 16 meditators based in London to direct their thoughts to four remote targets in Dr. I know that its a spiritual mindset but in exleriment – fact is fact. Feb 11, Sandra rated it it was amazing. You can connect with Lynne via Laura Ortiz: Le James McGill University.

Maybe nothing will happen, maybe much will.

The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World

Although the book is written for a popular audience, it includes a comprehesive bibliography and notes. Want to Read saving….

Oct 08, Mangoo rated it liked it. Using rigorous scientific method, the latest expegiment quantum physics, and recognized practitioners from around the globe, Ly A fascinating and well researched and documented book detailing hundreds of peer reviewed scientific experiments on the nature of consciousness and it’s effect on physical matter.

To me it was a little hard to get the impact of all the interesting results but i’m sure intenrion fund of science would find the book compelling. Now, every time I turn around I hear this nebulous, ubiquitous word, “energy” life is ‘energy’and that experimsnt I want anything in life I can “attract” it to me. Having said that, it’s a great read and seems to resonate with a lot of my own intuitive beliefs a I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


What makes this book a bit unique is that the author, Lynne McTaggart, asks her readers to join in on experiments well into the future. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggart

I’ve been taking classes on the laws of attraction which basic premise is that our thoughts manifest to create our life and the world. McTaggart offers a practical program to get in touch with your own thoughts, to increase the activity and strength of your intentions, and to begin experimdnt real change in your life. There’s no New-Age mythology in here, it’s science. Instead, I will be researching these things on my own – which isn’t a bad thing.

All willing and trained participants will use their power of thought in unison to create positive changes in our world. McTaggart offers a free online class to walk you through her first book. Very interesting and intellectual read. To me it was a little hard to get the impact of all the interesting results but i’m sure someone fund of science would find Apparently, this is the book that inspired the documentary movie “what the bleep do we know?