Limbal dermoids rank among the most common tumors of the corneal limbus. They are ocular choristomas and can occur in a variety of sizes. Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — Limbal Dermoid. Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — The Hairy Eyeball — Limbal Dermoid.

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Preoperative evaluation of the limbal dermoid included measurement of best deroid visual acuity, slit-lamp examination and ophthalmoscopy. Scott et al reported that seven of their 11 patients had a single inferotemporal limbal dermoid, with one patient having two dermoids in one eye. Removal of pseudopterygium with MMC 17 months after first surgery.

Cermoid pseudopterygium had to be removed surgically because of visual acuity deterioration. Clinical studies of this technique are ongoing. For the evaluation of postoperative complications, the assessed patients had a postoperative follow-up from liimbal to 53 months. Tissue sources include a pericardial graft or amniotic membrane transplantation. Solid dermoids of the limbus and the cornea. A total of four eyes from group one developed a limbal stem cell deficiency within 2—16 months, resulting in a pseudopterygium formation Figure 1b.

Grade II limbal dermoids are of larger size and extend into the corneal stroma down drrmoid Descemet’s membrane. Treatment of epibulbar limbal dermoids. The patient was born at 36 weeks gestation and was delivered by normal spontaneous vaginal delivery NSVD.


Goldenhar Syndrome (Oculo-Auriculo-Vertebral Spectrum):

Grant CA, Azar D. The method of choice to treat a limbal dermoid is surgical excision. Significant corneal opacity was found in one patient after surgery, and a mild bluish scleral hue was noted in three patients.

Not a single eye treated with Mitomycin C developed a pseudopterygium.

When applicable, we assessed the best corrected visual acuity at each follow-up. Equally reactive, OU External and anterior segment examination photo from 10 months of age is provided as Figure 1: When any of the above conditions or combination of conditions is noted, surgery should be considered and thoroughly discussed with the parents, including the potential risk of scarring, the requirement for ongoing treatment of amblyopia after surgery, need for spectacle or contact lens wear, possible repeat surgery, and loss of vision.

Lazzaro DR, Coe R.


limbla The constellation of bilateral limbal dermoids, eyelid coloboma, and preauricular skin tags was consistent with a diagnosis of Goldenhar syndrome. Technique for the removal of limbal dermoids.

Journal List Eye Lond v. Ultrasound biomicroscopy in the diagnosis and management of limbal dermoid. However, dermojd use of Mitomycin C seems to have a protective effect.

Management of pediatric corneal limbal dermoids

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Amir Pirouzian 1, 2. As such, the patient’s ocular condition did not require urgent intervention in the first dremoid of life.


Of note, a subgroup of these lesions, ie, sebaceous nevus, is known to undergo malignant transformation. The light reflex from this photograph gives the appearance of a small exo-deviation, but cover-uncover and alternate-cover testing showed the patient to be orthophoric.

Management of pediatric corneal limbal dermoids

Excision of limbal dermoids. InBourne treated a series of four pediatric patients with grade II limbal dermoid by direct excision followed by lamellar keratoplasty using a 5—7 mm trephine with a good outcome.

Visual limbql remained unchanged.

The indication for the surgery was an increase in the size of the dermoid in three patients. The patient was scheduled to return to our clinic within months and to be followed closely for any change in visual cues or refraction during drmoid ensuing months. No hemivertebra nor butterfly vertebra were found on complete spine films. One of these eyes with treatment with Mitomycin C 0. Patients and methods The dermoiv with respect to efficacy and intra and postoperative safety of the removal of limbal dermoids were assessed in a monocentric, retrospective trial.

The patient was given appropriate spectacle correction in his first months of life. Finally a smoothing of the corneal surface was performed if necessary.