JetBook Lite. This is similar to the JetBook with the rechargeable battery replaced with a AA battery compartment to use 4 standard AA batteries. Standard cells. Lightweight and super-portable, ECTACO jetBook Lite is the ultimate pocket library. Capable of storing thousands of books in the world’s most popular. Welcome to another Good e-Reader review! Today we take a look at one of the best e-reader offerings from Ectaco, the Jetbook Lite! How does.

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We take pride in helping people understand one another all over the world! Anthracite Black Buy now! This e-reader has the ability to flip between landscape and portrait mode, unlike many of its direct competition.

Our representatives will contact you with further instructions after you submit your online order. Full text The one and only electronic voice translator specially designed to learn and communicate in Chinese!

All in all, the Jetbook Lite is a worthwhile investing if you live outside of North America. Fast, Efficient, and More Powerful: Adobe says that since epub is freeware, they will not help.

Ectaco Jetbook Lite e-Reader Review

Alaska Gray Buy now! If you want to buy an eBook from another store, you have to make sure its only in ePub format. Read this page in your language.


The ECTACO AL supports a vast number of languages and has an enormous vocabulary of commonly spoken words and phrases, making it the best electronic translator for use in international travel. Over languages available. Pictures are very basic just showing you the title of them.

Lime Green Buy now! Check out the great new language learning app from Ectaco — Vocabulary Builder for Android, bringing the well-known game of hangman to a new level. Ectaco says it cannot help.

Ectaco – Unlimited linguistic resources for all of your needs. Compared to the prior offerings of Ectaco the Jetbook Mini and the original Jetbook this is the most superior device they have launched to date. Today, mobility is extremely important. You can select another product from our expanded and updated online catalogue here. One of the great aspects of the screen they use is that there is no flicker as pages turn.

jetBook-Lite Leather case – ECTACO

Reading books in virtually every language, full dictionaries and translators for English, Russian, German, Polish, and Spanish; even interface customization allows the jetBook LITE eReader to be a one of a kind universal reading device! The specialized LCD screen lets you read jetbok hours on end with no eye fatigue or lag in page turn like eInk. So that our letters do not end up in your spam folder please create a filter for the Ectaco.


Not only is the jetBook mini the most affordable eBook reader in the world it is also the first to use 4 AAA batteries for days of continuous reading and years of standby. We shall soon find out. It has jetbook few quirks, like the menu varies with each format, but overall it is a great value.

I like that this reader can read so many different formats. Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. Fun and Entertaining Ectaco Vocabulary Builder Apps for Android Check out the great new language learning app from Ectaco — Vocabulary Builder for Android, bringing the well-known game of hangman to a new level.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you for the four cases and the opportunity to win them with the jetgook. Our lighter and thinner design makes reading almost anywhere quick and easy.

The design elements of the Lite make it very slick and intutive to use.