Official website of Central Japan Railway Company. related to our company and service and be ready for your visitation to Japan. Tokaido Shinkansen. Japan has an extensive and efficient train network; however, without an intimate knowledge of the system, its complexity can make it difficult to. About the Japanese high speed trains Shinkansen (Bullet trains). A list of online timetable resources and explanations on how to use them.

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A passenger typically receives two pieces of tickets a base fare ticket and a supplement ticketalthough in some situations the two tickets are combined into a single ticket. Finally, the “Mobile Suica” hapan can be used on mobile phones to ride the shinkansen in eastern and northern Japan; however, the app is only available in Japanese and on phones that support the Osaifu Keitai functionality. They provide considerably more foot space than economy seats on airplanes.

English JR East Official website.

Japan Train Timetables and Route Finders – Explaining Hyperdia

Likewise, the option to limit results to only local JR trains makes it a good tool for Seishun 18 Kippu users. Shinagawa is the other Tokyo area station with Shinkansen access. Top questions about Japan. The seat reservation fee is usually combined with the express supplement into a single ticket. To check the unreserved seat price look at the timegable on the right column and it has three row: Neither Tokyo nor Shinagawa are interesting places to stay except for a short layover. You can deselect transport that you don’t want to take or that you can’t restriction of JR pass for example.

Let us know We strive to keep Japan Guide up-to-date and accurate, and we’re shinkaansen looking for ways to syinkansen. Shibuyakko 28, forum posts.

Timetables, Route Maps, and Station Maps

Hyperdia Thanks to its English interface and flexible search options, Hyperdia is the best route finder website available to travelers.

Printed railway timetables in Japanese are sold in bookstores and kiosks across Japan. The largest timetable books contain kana readings for all station names, but they can still be rather difficult to use without Japanese reading skills.


They can be made in various ways:. Furthermore, an English app is available to users in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States for purchasing tickets for the Tokaido – Sanyo Shinkansen the app cannot be used by pass holders for making seat reservations, though.

Green Cars tend to be less crowded than ordinary cars. At the regular ticket gates, insert only your base fare ticket into the ticket slot, pass the gate and retrieve your ticket at the other end.

Shinkansen timetable – Japan Forum

Universal Studios Japan 1 Day Pass. Most shinkansen trains are served by small food carts with a selection of snacks, drinks and boxed meals bento which periodically pass along the aisle.

Normally the different between reserved and unreserved is a few hundred to a K yen so always go for reserved seat if possible.

Shinkansen fares are discounted by yen when using this service and are charged to the registered credit card rather than subtracted from the IC card’s balance. Bilingual signs indicate whether a shinkansen car carries reserved or non-reserved seats. While Hyperdia is a great tool for planning railway travel in Japan, some of its functions and screens can profit from some additional explanations which we try to provide below:.

Japanese websites for online reservations are operated by the JR companies, but require Japanese shiknansen skills. Newer train sets are also equipped with spacious toilets for wheel chair users.

Seat reservation feeor yen depending on whether it is low season, regular season or high season respectively. Cash and credit cards can be used at ticket counters and vending machines that sell shinkansen tickets. Discount ticket shops around major stations also sell shinkansen tickets at small discounts. In order to do so, an IC card and a credit card have to be sginkansen on an English app or a Japanese website.

The Japan Shonkansen Pass can be used on all shinkansen trains except Nozomi and Mizuho trains and covers all the fees involved. Among the most complete nationwide timetables are the JR and JTB timetable books, which are published monthy in full and pocket versions.

Likewise, “Shimoda” will get you close to the northern tip of Honshu rather than to the more famous city near the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula whose railway station is named “Izukyu Shimoda”. Some busy stations have two lanes painted on the platform in front of each door location: Most shinkansen trains in Japan offer seats in two classes, which are typically found in separate ja;an.


Ordinary Like the name suggests, ordinary seats are the regular seats found on all shinkansen trains. According to the rules book, each traveler is allowed to bring up to two pieces of luggage onto a train not including small bagswith each piece not weighting more than 30 kilograms and not measuring more than centimeters when adding up width, height and depth. Japan Rail Pass holders again use the manned gate, instead.

When having a conversation, keep your rimetable down. The shinkansen network consists of multiple lines, among which the Tokaido Shinkansen Tokyo – Nagoya – Kyoto – Osaka is the oldest and most popular. JR Central Official website. Only the Hayabusa, Hayate and Komachi trains on the Tohoku Shinkansen and Hokkaido Shinkansen and the Kagayaki trains on the Hokuriku Shinkansen are fully reserved and do not carry non-reserved seating.

Note also that Japan Rail Pass users will not be able to use this system to make seat reservations. Tokyo shinkansen only station in tokyo itself? This time, insert not only your base fare ticket but also your supplement ticket together into the ticket slot at the same time and retrieve them on the other side of the gate.

See All Japan Conversations. We also already have planned on the dates of each location. Advance seat reservations are required to use a seat in a reserved car see below on how to make seat reservations.

Thanks to the Japan Rail Passthe shinkansen can also be a very cost effective means of travel. Pass holders will receive itmetable seat reservation ticket that indicates the reserved seat. Smoking is not allowed on most shinkansen trains.