IEC standards compilation dowload here file. IEC Common Specifications For High-Voltage Switchgear and . File Type: zip. PDF | Standard IEC for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards is still applicable for EMC Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. The switch gear shall comply with IEC , , , , and . One set of reproducible print on C.D disk AutoCAD file type plus one set of.

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Use on one item per site, link parts with property “has part” P International Standard Serial Number print or electronic. Modeling causes’ for examples and discussion. Wikimedia category for people with a burial site within this area.

Identifier in the BiblioNet database of authors, created by the National Book Centre of Greece, filetypr Greek individual publishers and their professional associations. Used in conjunction with ‘has cause’ and ‘has immediate cause’.

This property should link a gene and a disease and indicate that a decreased expression of the gene is found in the disease. Some terms may not be fipetype names, e. Norway Import Service and Registration Authority periodical code.


It may also be an enclave. Record number for entries in the LoC bibliographic catalog for authority records use P Use property P if there is no item for the street.

Distinguish from “feast day” P: Relationship between entry and fileype must be supported by a source. For graves, use grave picture P Hermann-Mauguin notation of the mineral’s symmetry element short form. Used when precise data on number of deaths and number of injured is unavailable.

This property should link a gene and a disease due to a deletion.

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Iconclass code that corresponds with an artistic theme or concept. For linking Iconclass codes with their corresponding artistic themes or concepts, use P Iconclass notation.

Identifier of a person in the Hansard database, indexing speeches in fileetype British parliament both Commons and Lords. KLfG Critical Dictionary of foreign contemporary literature.


This property should link a gene irc a disease due to a substitution. Instead, add actors as cast on items for films the participated in. Substation earthing system design optimisation through the application of quantified risk analysis. Standard Occupational Classification code for US jobs version. To be used as a qualifier of Property: Use ‘manner of death’ P for broadest category, e. Wikimedia page with the list of characters for this work.


Belgian municipality codes maintained by Filetpe Belgium. For warships, this will be the ship’s assigned naval base.

P “located on street”. Do not add bounds. Proportional ratio of a filtype dimension of a model, map, etc, to the same feature of the original – 1: This property should link a gene and a disease due to a duplication.

This is eic painted on the ship’s stern for the “home port”, see Property: Use “unknown value” for current date. Identifier for an organisation, in the Crunchbase database of companies and start-ups, operated by Oath Tech. French government database indexing all french soldier war casualties. Use point in time P as qualifier and should be used with a source.