Full text of “The Hildebrandslied” BAKER & TAYLOR COMPANY NEW SOBK 1] ‘Vc THE HILDEBRANDSLIED Translated from the OLD HIGH GERMAN. Line of ms.: 1 Verse: 1 Ik gihorta ðat seggen Verse: 2 ðat sih urhettun ænon muo. Line of ms.: 2 tin · Verse: 3 hiltibraht enti haðubrant · untar heriun tuem. TITUS Text collection: Lesser Old High German Monuments Text: Hld.-Vw. Hildebrandlied Diplomatic edition of the text.

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Full text of “The Hildebrandslied”

The Old Saxon features predominate in the opening part of the poem and show a number of errors, which argue against an Hildebrandsljed Saxon original. The combatants in our poem are connected with historical characters.

The Hildebrandslied text is the work of two scribes, of whom the second wrote only seven and a half lines 11 lines of verse at the beginning of the second leaf. The scribes are not the same as those of the body of the codex.

Difficulties in reading some of the individual letters and identifying errors made by the scribes mean that a definitive edition of the poem is impossible. Thus he dasht to death his dearest and nearest, The blood of his blood, the bone of his bone.

Medieval Songs – Das Hildebrandslied lyrics + English translation

Hadubrand reveals that he did not know his father but the elders told him his father was Hildebrand, who hildwbrandslied eastwards in the service of Dietrich Theodoric to escape the wrath of Otacher Odoacerleaving behind a wife and small child.


It is Hildebrand the aged, and he is dear to me. By this time the story of Theodoric’s conflict with Odoacer hildebrandslued been recast, contrary to historical fact, as a tale of Theodoric’s return from exile, thus justifying his war on Odoacer as an act of revenge rather than an unprovoked attack. Though thou ride with eleven others, he will tilt with thee, spear in hand. The inconsistencies in the use and form of the wynn -rune, for example — sometimes with and sometimes without an acute stroke above the letter, once corrected from the letter p — suggest this was a feature of the source which was not a normal part of their scribal repertoire.

Who will meet thee on the marches?

Das Hildebrandslied (English translation)

Thou shalt bespeak him softly, thy lord’s behest now hear, That he may grant thee passage if he hold my favor dear. While this structure accurately represents the surviving manuscript text, many scholars have taken issue with the position of ll.

The lyrics page of the Hildebrandslied was split into 2 because one band who covered it had split it like that.

Any vowel may alliterate with any other vowel. I don’t know what they’re saying there, but I’m pretty sure they don’t either hildebranfslied so it’s ok.

The poet of the Hildebrandslied has to explain how father and son could fail to know each other. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text.

Earlier scholars envisaged an Old Saxon original, but an Old High German original is now universally accepted. They start to fight, and the text concludes with their shields smashed. It is therefore not unreasonable to assume there was some knowledge of Old Saxon there, and perhaps even some Old Saxon speakers.

  ISO 639-5 PDF

I’ll be glad to fix it and make it as good as possible, so thanks for helping out. Legends about Theoderic the Great.

A number of features, including the wynn -rune used for w suggest Old English influence, not surprising in a house founded by Anglo-Saxon missionaries. This is a widespread motif found hildebrandsoied many other languages. They regularly occur in groups and indicate excitement. The most widely accepted placing is after l.

Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. Theodoric appears widely in Germanic legend as Dietrich von Bern Verona.


Ineven though the Pierpont Morgan Library had raised questions about the provenance of the codex and the Rosenbachs must have known it was looted, it was sold to the Californian bibliophile Carrie Estelle Doheny and placed in the Edward Laurence Doheny Memorial Library in Camarillo.

The hand is hildebrandwlied Carolingian minuscule. Let each now strive 60 To see whether today he must bite the dust Or may bear from the field the bymies of both.

Inasmuch as the poem at the time it was written down was archaic in form, I have made use hkldebrandslied some archaic words and phrases in the translation.

Because of this I delayed to publish my translation, but see no cause for putting it off longer. The opening lines of the poem set the scene: