Fender Prosonic: Tried one today, Review. Here’s a quick review. I think they were made in the mid to late 2×10 tube combo, 2 channel. Fender Custom Shop Tonemaster 4×12 Guitar Cabinet Celestion Vintage 30 # Fender Prosonic Amp 2×10 USA made tube amp combo in excellent cond-. 5 user reviews on Fender Prosonic Combo. Fender Prosonic Combo. +. Fender Prosonic Combo. Prosonic Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender .

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I’d say that cabinet design is important as well- if you can get a Tonemaster cab then you are set. I’d probably need shipping though depending on your location. This review was originally published on http: It developed a cult following among serious guitarists, aided by the rise of musician-centric Internet communities.

porsonic Not satisfied with those reviews? This is obvisouly one of the earlier custom shop models Scotsdale, AZ with the “lizard skin” and has the commemorative plate on the cab and 50th anniversary sticker on the head. JazzacasterFeb 11, Tiny increments on the active eq shapes tone, along with which class you choose.

In side-by-side comparisons of my 3 amps, all using matched Groove Tubes in power section and Groove Tube pre-amp section, subjective to variances introduced by tube age, etcthey sound almost exactly alike at the A and AB rectifier settings.

Try an emergency, but a Fender, I think, stops the production because the Peosonic has not sold.

Fender Prosonic, any good?

Reply I love how people cry, whine and defame a great Fender high gain amp. I love how people cry, whine and defame a great Fender high gain amp.


Read up on mis matching impedance. Tele JrSep 2, Other mods are pgosonic available but I have not performed them. Aug 29, Tom CookJun 9, Discussion in ‘ Amp Central Station ‘ started by duckAug 25, What kind of trade are you working on?

All user reviews for the Fender Prosonic Combo

Do not hesitate to invest in a good cblage as it is powerful and can be trs trs soon have background noise. You will get a loud thunk every time you use the footswitch. However, overproduction of the amplifiers led to overstock. I have noticed a recent escalation of Fwnder resale prices,so if purchased and not satisfied,one should be able to recoup their initial investment quite easily. Mission accomplished, no need to say more.

It needs a preamp out. An all-tube design, the Prosonic uses standard 12AX7A tubes in the preamp sections, and one for the fenxer send on the combo model. Our members also liked: May 28, Class A refers to the amount of current flowing through the power tubes with zero audio signal, with Class A meaning maximum current flow even with zero fejder.

To clear up some strange post above, the combo is wired to 16 ohm load. An amplifier for scne, irrprochable for musicians breath or non-existent parasites In addition, the show in Frankfurt inhas played dmonstrateur Fender Prosonic only one to an audience of professionals.

Its most unusual feature is the switchable rectifier and power amplifier bias scheme, allowing on-the-fly changes of operating mode and output power as well as subjective tonal differences. Aug 26, 6. They are excellent amps that somehow got lost in the long list of great Fender amps.

The back panel also provides for a line-level effects loop, as well as an input for the channel-switching footswitch the footswitch had a reverb button on combo models as well.


Fender Prosonic, any good? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Also, if you fall the rglages frquences of around 1 or 2 at most, it opens a lot more volume and master and is transferred directly in a more roots and vintage. Bruce Zinky has been very warm and friendly with me over the years and he’s the one who taught me about the subtle differences between the 8 ohm and 16 ohm v30’s, he’s also the reason I have v30 2×12’s wired in both series and parallel.

And yes,the clean channel does give up some really sweet classic Fender clean tones,though probably closer in nature to a blackface Deluxe Reverb than a Twin or Super Reverb.

According to my local amp tech guru The amps tone is very memorable for tube amp junkies; it is an all tube amp i.

User reviews: Fender Prosonic Combo – Audiofanzine

While the vast majority of Prosonics were shipped with the standard black tolex covering, some of the initial Custom Shop run were finished in red and seafoam green pebbled tolex, called “lizard-skin” by Fender. You want to look for the following: May 27, November 29, admin 15 Comments. Cream of the crop. Aug 27, 8. On this channel you get your crunch, overdrive your rock n’roll or fawn carrment large Satus full of harmonics. EdMan57Aug 27, This article does not cite any sources.

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