Resumo Introdução: A Síndrome de Down (SD), de todas as síndromes genéticas é a mais comum. Na Equoterapia, os movimentos tridimensionais. Equoterapia é um método terapêutico que utiliza o movimento do cavalo para resultados funcionais, realizada em praticantes com síndrome de Down (SD). Síndrome de Down – Projeto de Equoterapia e Hidroterapia. likes · 1 talking about this. Esta página foi criada para divulgar os valores e as.

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Conclusion The results of this study suggest that the practice of hippotherapy may influence respiratory muscle strength in patients with Down syndrome, of both sexes and aged between 7 and 13 equogerapia, when compared simdrome individuals with Down syndrome who do not practice hippotherapy.

An exploration of German and British physiotherapists’ views on the effects of hippotherapy and their measurement. The Pearson correlation coefficient was used to correlate the time that the individual with DS practices Hippotherapy with the results of global motor coordination.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and snidrome in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

They were selected, first, through the records of the institutions and annotated the telephone contacts of the parents of 45 individuals.

After marking the points, subjects were positioned at their natural dowb on pasteboard fixed to the ground 30 cm away from the plumb line and dowwn feet were marked on the paper using a graphite, aiming to take photos with the same support base amplitude and positioning of the feet, thus preventing rotation of the trunk and limbs. Hippotherapy helps patients to firm their hypotonic musculature A convenience sample was used, where the researchers previously visited the institutions that worked with individuals with DS, both those who had the Hippotherapy program and those who did not.

Data were analyzed using Sigma-Stat r 2. Revista da sociedade brasileira de atividade motora adaptada. A psicomotricidade na Equoterapia. These data corroborate our findings, which demonstrated that the stimuli provided by hippotherapy contribute to a better alignment of biomechanical structures, especially in shoulder and hip alignment and thoracic kyphosis.

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After presenting the project to those responsible for the institutions, a group of individuals eligible for this study were selected: Ideias e Letras; Also, the cluster analysis was applied for grouping different variables according to their similarity.

Silkwood-Sherer D, Warmbier H. All measurements were performed with the nostrils closed with a nasal clip, in order to prevent air from escaping through the nose. This study aimed to analyze the effect of hippotherapy on the respiratory muscle strength of patients with Down syndrome aged between 7 and 13 years in the Federal District of Brazil. In one study conducted in children with clinical diagnosis of DS, Schuster et al.

Predictive equations and normal values for maximal respiratory pressures in childhood and adolescence. It can be emphasized that equine therapy presents benefits of improvement in global motor coordination. With this, the present research aims to verify this effect in an Hippotherapy program in global motor coordination in subjects with DS in both genders aged between six and 14 years, when comapred with subjects with DS that did not practice Hippotherapy.


Aiming at this objective, graphs were also presented, as well as tables with descriptive measures mean, maximum, minimum, variation and standard deviation suitable for quantitative variables To record KTK test data, a self-administered questionnaire was used and all subjects were evaluated by the same investigator to reduce possible procedural errors among the samples How to cite this article.

The effect of hippotherapy on functional outcomes for children with disabilities: Teles 38who evaluated the effect of a motor activity program to develop motor coordination of individuals and non-DS patients, concluded that female subjects had better results in motor coordination.

The study included 41 subjects, 20 of which were in the hippotherapy practicing group PG and 21 of which were in the non-practicing group NPG.

Values of maximal expiratory pressure are greater compared to those of maximal inspiratory pressure in children and adolescents of both sexes In addition, there was a smaller protrusion and head alignment, evaluated by the grouping of the variables that indicate the distance between the right acromion and the mentus with the distance from the left acromion to the mentus. A randomized controlled trial of the impact of therapeutic horse riding on the quality of life, health, and function of children with cerebral palsy.


Effects of hippotherapy on posture in individuals with Down Syndrome

These data diverge from the work of Pazin and Martins 36 who, analyzing a population with mental deficiency in motor performance tests, showed that the male gender was superior to the female, except for flexibility and balance. Images were analyzed by three different examiners. Neste momento eles fazem parte da equipe de apoio ao ajudar no cuidado do cavalo. Revista Digital Buenos Aires.

The inability to maintain the quality of posture and movement, as presented by people with DS, is reflected on the trunk, altering the harmony of the mechanics of breathing, modifying the chest and abdominal pressures. Our study, contrary to the aforementioned author, showed that seven-year-olds, the same age as the study, were the ones that presented better motor coordination of the groups.

Powered Saddle and Pelvic Mobility: However, the findings support the conclusion that the stimulus provided by the hippotherapy caused favorable changes in postural alignment.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Pereira and Leandro 35 corroborate our work, stating that they verified the benefits of Hippotherapy in the main delays of motor development with patients with DS submitted to the treatment protocol with exercises for balance, motor coordination and muscle strength.

June 29, ; Accepted: Effect of hippotherapy in the global motor coordination in individuals with Down Syndrome.