I’ve just finished reading anthropologist Boellstorff’s account of two years of fieldwork within Second Life ‘Coming of Age in Second Life. Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human [ Tom Boellstorff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Millions. Coming of Age in Second Life has ratings and 25 reviews. Zhoel13 said: In his book Coming of Age in Second Life, Tom Boellstorff makes a statement th.

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He expertly discusses different issues in virtual worlds, This is a really fascinating book because the topic is not something that you would expect to read an anthropological analysis of. If you are an anthropologist who ags interested in important recent work, or simply someone interested in keeping up with what anthropologists are thinking about lately, then I would strongly recommend the volume for summer reading.

One of biggest power of boellstorfff is certainly the ability to create idea, what is one of most narcissistic distinction with animals, communicate ideas, what is more or less the condition for culture, and extended memory support, what is maybe the origin of the gap between oral and writing culture in term of domination. European in contemporary circumstances.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Total surveillance, no privacy for avatars, users always aware of this. While he claims multiple times to be unbiased and an anthropologist observing the culture, the further into the book I went, the more he seems to be in favor of virtual reality.

Summary of Boellstorff (), Coming of Age in Second Life | media/anthropology

Nov 30, William Crosby rated it really liked it. These limitations en- of ethnography and anthropology to able the researcher to frame their the application of virtual world field- research politics in such a way, as work.

In section two, the author examines the culture of second life under the chapter headings of a place and time b personhood c intimacy and d community. Just as Mead discovered Samoa for generations of Americans, so TB hopes to discover and validate SL, and just as Malinowksi demonstrated the importance of participant observation, so too does TB want to re validate its relevance in studying virtual worlds.

For me this supra definition of virtual worlds can be a source of confusion. Fashion design is considered a competitive business in Second Life and those users who design the clothing actually make on average around a thousand dollars a year.


More on Coming of Age in Second Life | Savage Minds

Within the section on intimacy, the author investigates language within SL. While he claims multiple times to be unbiased and an anthropologist observing the Tom Boellstorff’s Coming of Age in Second Boellstorff intrigued me the very moment I picked up the text.

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In this way and in a global network, people comng themselves alienated by the need to earn money that will enable them to appropriate resources privatized by somebody else. Jun 25, Avery Delany rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 20, Laurel rated it it was amazing. This seems wrong to me.

Savage Minds

If I were confined to a bed, socially isolated, or stuck in a truly miserable job with plenty of free time at my desk, or if I wanted to have a virtual affair, I suppose Second Life would offer something. It apologizes constantly for its ambition to know and describe the world. Grounded Theory, tingent circumstances of the re- ethnography and phenomenol- search and the main purpose of ogy: I wish I could ask my students to read this book, but I think that most of the ideas would be too advanced for the traditional undergraduate to understand.

In class we frequently discussed the concept of how Facebook users strive to present their best version of themselves, which often can be far from who they actually are in order to gain some confidence or attract a certain audience.

This chapter also considers the issue of interworld travel, migration and even virtual diasporas seeking refuge in SL from extinct virtual worlds. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Summary of Boellstorff (2008), Coming of Age in Second Life

In his conclusion he writes that. But these are quibbles which do not offset the value of the book. Ultimately, one of the great tragedies of CASL is that the book wants so hard to emphasize the human power to use technology to create worlds that mater, while simultaneously underestimating the power demonstrated again and again by one of the xecond tried and true narrative forms of all — the one the author himself uses.

I am not getting this. In thinking about how positive many Second Life residents experiences have been, I am left with the question of secons these virtual worlds are not more prevalently used as a way to explore the self through computer mediation rather than using other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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The subject matter Benton Jun 23, Beth O’Connell rated it really liked it.

University of Minne- sota Press. But then, its prototype remains evergreen despite its elisions. For a science fiction book there is no doubt, the answer is the book is actual and the story virtual but for what is occurring on the second live server?

To be clear and I say this in the book: Be the first to ask a question about Coming of Age in Second Life. It becomes a little bit annoying to me that he seems to forget to at least make a side note on the case of voice chat controversy in his discussion on agency I became her, she became me p. When the conversation slows, you hit a button and the people you are talking to just vanish. For not only can books capture the joy and heartbreak of virtual worlds read My Tiny Life to discover thisthey have even managed to capture the beauty and anger of the actual world.

Is it not actual? Retrieved from ” https: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human. In the book, Boellstorff, or Tom Bukowski his SL avatardedicates the first section to outlining the history of virtual worlds before turning to the methodological approach he undertook to conduct his fieldwork. I remain absolutely clueless. One can say, I’m speculating on words, that’s right, but words like concepts are tolls in anthropology and it’s important, I mean, to talk about most appropriated tolls for an appropriated understanding.

The use of dictionary don’t help all the time specially when people have different mother language. They were actually very easy and supportive. Overall, Coming of Age in Second Life CASL represents cutting edge anthropology at its best — hip, smart, theoretically sophisticated, and with its head screwed on straight.