I already have an application in a cfgrid which I need to modify so that it maintains the selected row after doing an update. This requires a refresh to bring back. how to bind cfgrid to cfc in virtual directory. I can not find the answer to this. I’m trying to bind a grid to a cfc that is in a virtual directory. It is a windows server using. I also have noticed this odd behavior. I haven’t found a solution for the “html” format. The workaround i’ve used is the “flash” format. The one.

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For most formats, too be a hexa-decimal format or a named color. A more realistic example would include, at a minimum, all seven table fields.

The Group By This Field option sets the grouping to use the selected column. EDIT Oddly, I just noticed that I can change what is passed along in the unchanged columns based upon what cell I have selected when I click the submit button.

Determining editable grid areas When you click an editable cell, it is surrounded by a yellow box. If the user changes the values of t cells in col1 and col3 in one row and the cell in col2 in another row, the information about the original and changed values is cfgrrid the following array entries:.

Click any cell in the row and click the Delete button. Action Stores the type of change made to the grid rows: Double-clicking again sorts the grid in descending order. The periods in these names are not structure separators; they are part of the text of the array name. An empty row appears at the bottom of the grid. Allows selection of multiple rows. Can be a hexadecimal value or a named color. Users can sort the grid entries in ascending order by double-clicking any column header.


The remaining cells in the arrays for example, Form. D for delete, I for insert, or U for update. Closes the loop used for each row to be changed.

The form object, input object, and input object value are passed to the function, which must return true if validation succeeds; false otherwise.

Puts the contents of the LastName column in the query results in the second column of the grid. The first character and any character after a space is changed to uppercase; all other characters are lowercase.

A grid control is a table of data divided into rows and columns. A disabled control appears in light gray. To enter a value in each cell, double-click the cell, enter the value, and click Return. Oddly, I just noticed that I can change what is passed along in the unchanged columns cfgrdi upon what cell I have selected when I click the submit button.

Background color of the control. This is tk as a GET method imposes restrictions on the amount of data that can be sent. Usage Most of the following paragraphs describe grid features that apply to all, or at least two, grid formats.

If I select the column I changed in the first row and submit the form then everything works correctly. The name of a valid JavaScript function you want to execute in the event of a failed validation. Email Required, but never shown. Does not allow users to select fields in this column for editing. Other modes are row, column, and edit.

Selecting a grid cell enables you to edit it. Is this assumption incorrect? You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. The default color is salmon pink. Centers a header named Emp ID and makes it bold. Only the most important of these attributes are described here. Rows are deleted first, then rows are cfgfid, then any changes are made cfgrjd existing rows.


The number of rows to display per page for a dynamic grid. Rearranging columns Click any column heading and drag the column to a new position. URL to associate with the grid item or a query column for a grid that is populated from a query. Deleting a row Click any cell in the row and click the Delete button. The counter variable is the common index into the arrays of change information for the row being changed.

Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag

In applet format grids, name of a JavaScript function to execute if validation fails. Cannot be used with the query attribute. Boolean value that specifies whether to show the control. Puts a grid control a table of data in a ColdFusion form.

ColdFusion Help | cfgrid

Enter Left, Right, or Center to position data in the grid within a column. If you specify a cfgrid tag with a query attribute defined and no corresponding cfgridcolumn attributes, the grid contains all the columns in the query. Closes the cfif tag that surrounds all the active code.

Reviewing the code The following table describes the highlighted code and its function: