Recently we are now setting up availability monitoring using ccmsping. For this we have to separately register ccmsping are working for us.M. You want to use the availability agent CCMSPING to monitor the availability of systems and instances from the central monitoring system (CEN). You have. You can customize the availability monitoring with CCMSPING for ABAP and Java You can define the type of availability monitoring for application servers and.

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CCMSPING-Availability monitoring

With this function, you can monitor whether remote systems and their instances are available for work from the Alert Monitor of your central monitoring system CEN. Availability monitoring uses the alert and display availabliity of the monitoring architecture.

This agent is a stand-alone program that runs outside the SAP system. By using an agent, you can efficiently monitor the availability of a large number of systems from a central location, without an inactive system causing an error in the display of the Alert Monitor.

This means that, in addition to a load balancing for availability monitoring, you can also have certain systems monitored by multiple CCMSPING agents, ccmspimg therefore check accessibility. You can monitor selected systems for their availability.


A system is regarded as available if the message server responds to the availability agent’s avaialbility and at least one application server is registered as active with the message server.

You can monitor ABAP application servers for their availability. You can use the following monitoring methods to do this:. With this monitoring method, an application server is regarded as active, if the server is reported as active at the message server.

This method is very fast ccmzping suitable for centrally monitoring the availability of hundreds of systems. You can check the availability of application servers using an RFC call directly to the server.

Availability monitoring CCMSPING or hostagent

Cvmsping is done using a data collection method of the monitoring architecture, which is called every five minutes. With this monitoring method, an application server is regarded as available if a free dialog work process responds to this call; that is, if it is possible to log on to this server. You can monitor logon groups for their availability.

A logon group is regarded as available, if it is possible to log on to the application server with the best dialog system quality see Dynamic User Distribution.


You can monitor Java instances for their availability. In this case, the corresponding message server is queried as to whether the instance is reported as active.

CCMSPING-Availability monitoring

In the case of double-stack systems, you can use ccmaping the Java and the ABAP message servers for the monitoring, if the availability monitoring is appropriately configured. Availability monitoring is independent of monitoring of other objects in the Alert Monitor. You do not need to register a remote system in the central monitoring system to be able to monitor its availability.

The availability agent also waits for a short time timeout in case a system or an application server is temporarily unavailable. Availability and Performance Overview Monitor. Availability monitoring has the following functions: You can use the following monitoring methods to do this: Note You can also use other techniques for availability monitoring: