ALLETHRIN Toxbase summary Toxicity Dermal and inhalational exposures are . “supernormal period” is the period for which the action potential induced by a. They are not considered to cause delayed neurotoxicity of the kind induced by some organophosphorus compounds. The mechanism of toxicity of synthetic. Allethrin had 96 h LC50 toxicity values of µg/L, µg/L > µg/L, and .. is followed by induction of microsomal oxidase activity (Škrinjarič-Špoljar et al.

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Microscopic observation of control liver shows regular and compact configuration with well-organized hepatocytes and central vein Fig. Fagbule D, Ekanem EE. The mitochondrial p53 pathway. Table 1 Inhalation effects of the mosquito coil smoke on biochemical parameters of blood. Biochemical study indicates elevated activity of two hepatic enzymes: Conceived and co-supervise the study as well as revised the manuscript. Taken together, the biochemical parameters were altered by the inhalation with the mosquito coil smoke in a dose-dependent manner.

Along with insecticides, MC smoke also contains sub-micrometer particles, volatile, semi-volatile organic compounds and gaseous pollutants such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons [ 56 ]. In brief, at the ending of treatment period, animals from each group were anesthetized with diethyl-ether and sacrificed by cervical dislocation. Histological observation of hepatic tissue also reveals degeneration of hepatocytes in such a way, affecting single cell or small area of tissue without recruiting inflammatory cells: Availability of data and materials The datasets, supporting the conclusions of the results of this study are included within the article.

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Bucolo G, David H. Under stress allethriin, p53 has been reported to activate pro-inflammatory cytokines at the site of stress induced pulmonary tissue in cigarette smoke inhaled rat [ 31 ]. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins are the main active ingredients of MC. Allethrin Search for additional papers on this topic.

CV indicates cytoplasmic vacuolation, CCA indicates condensation of cytoplasm of ongoing apoptotic cell, DH represents degeneration hepatocytes, ICI represents inflammatory cellular infiltration, DC indicates dilation of central vein, AC indicates apoptotic cells, NC indicates necrosis and DS is for dilation of sinusoid.


Results from the present studies suggest that chronic exposure of allethrin based MC is responsible factor for allethrib health complications such as COPD due to the alterations of the key biochemical parameters of blood and histo-organization of alkethrin and liver.

Results Biochemical study indicates elevated activity of two hepatic enzymes: After using the MC in a room, it was observed that the maximum concentration of allethrin 0. Furthermore, over expression of p53 in MC induced animals [ 16 ] is also alldthrin as the potent contributor of pulmonary and hepatic inflammation.

As a cheap and instant remedy, middle and lower income groups are regularly using MC. Am Rev Respir Dis. Oxidative stress and hepatotoxicity induced by synthetic pyrethroids-organophosphate insecticides mixture in rat.

However, the use of MC is increasing day by day in third world countries in particular but, yet xllethrin receive enough attention of both policy maker and general public. Ultrastructural changes of tracheal epithelium and alveolar macrophages of rats exposed to mosquito-coil smoke. Golla MadhubabuSuresh Yenugu Environmental toxicology Free radical and volatile organic compounds present in the smoke of MC is considered as the potent contributor of oxidative DNA damage and tissue injury.

The structure of epithelial lining of bronchi is converted from pseudo-stratified columnar ciliated epithelium into thickened constricted bronchi CB in fig-1C and 1Bwhich allerhrin limit air passing through the bronchi to the peripheral region of lung- major clinical feature in patient with COPD [ 38 ]. Allethrin toxicity causes reproductive dysfunction in male rats. This study has some limitations relating to the conclusion of the results.

Forty days old mice were randomly distributed into control and inhaled group: Allethrin is one of the allefhrin used pyrethroids, but its toxicological effects are underreported when compared to other pyrethroids. Pulmonary tissue of inhaled mice illustrates various degrees of histo-architectural changes in a doses dependent manner in comparison with that of control Fig.

Allethrin toxicity causes reproductive dysfunction in male rats. – Semantic Scholar

Similarly, the MC smoke has previously been reported to reduce serum total protein activity both in rodent animal and human subject [ 2728 ]. Toxicological effects of MC smoke on hepatic tissue in control and smoke inhaled mice are shown in Fig. Oxidative DNA damage with subsequent up-regulation of p53 is the perquisite of mitochondria mediated apoptosis [ 40 ].


Published online Aug Elevated LDL activity is considered to be the risk factor for cardiac condition, because it transports cholesterol from the liver to peripheral tissues.

Here, we stained the respiratory and hepatic tissue only with hematoxiline-eosin, though other staining technique such as DAPI staining could be toxjcity to observe apoptotic cells more precisely. Received May 21; Accepted Aug Amelioration of Prallethrin-induced oxidative stress and hepatotoxicity in rat by the administration of Origanum majorana essential oil.

The ROS, induced by MC smoke, interferes with the antioxidant defense system [ 16 ], which would triggers inflammatory response in damage sites [ 30 ]. Thus, the current study shows the clear evidence of severe emphysema as a result of long time inhalation of allethrin based MC smoke Fig. In this study, we could not check the function of respiratory system such as X-ray analysis respiratory system due to lack of proper alletgrin.

The smoke is composed of two phases: Data indicates that the activity of two key hepatic enzymes i. Exposure of pyrethrin based MC smoke has inudced been reported to considerable increase in white blood cell WBCespecially basophil and lymphocyte in rat [ 12 ]. Effect of continuous inhalation of allethrin-based mosquito coil smoke in the male reproductive tract of rats.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Effect of the pyrethroid insecticide allethrin on membrane fluidity. Sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin Original magnification, X Mosquito coil MC emits insecticide upon burning which provides limited protection against lethal mosquito borne diseases.

The blood profiles, representing liver function, show significant changes in smoke inhaled groups in comparison with their respective control. Effect of immunization against prostate- and testis-expressed PATE proteins on sperm function and fecundity in the rat. Necrotic cells death characteristically affects large fields of tissue NC in figure- 2F rather than a single cell and induce to release cytoplasmic contents into the surrounding cellular environment which leads to trigger inflammatory cells to be accumulated NC in Fig.