A Paixão Segundo G.H. [Clarice Lispector] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book A Paixão Segundo G.H. (Passion according to G.H.), by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, is used as a pretext for a graphic reinterpretation by artist. Domestication and foreignization in two English translations of A paixão segundo G. H., by Clarice Lispector. Article (PDF Available) · April.

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Long periods of stream-of-consciousness philosophical musing are interspersed with brief moments of snapping back to Clarice Lispector’s The Passion According to G. Since how could I speak without the word segubdo for me? This book “exists” me. Actually, I find the whole star-rating system on Goodreads to be significantly inaccurate in recommending to me brilliant, truly 5-star worthy whatever that means? Cover for the first Brazilian edition of the novel, Editora do Autor, Am I getting closer?

Why am I inside this body, looking out of this skull? Just a moment while we sign you in to your S account. Books by Clarice Lispector. In which I cannot hide, for there is no “inside,” and my nakedness would absorb my entire reality.

Vivir no es visible. But it was amazing! But for the segundl it made me think stars. Additionally, the narrator is only referred to as ‘I’, and remains undefined even towards the end of the book. Identity is forbidden, it forbids existence, like life itself. Born to a Jewish family seggundo Podolia in Western Ukraine, she was brought to Brazil as an infant, amidst the disasters engulfing her native land following the First World War.

Overall, this book has 3 stars not because “I liked it”. To put it incredibly briefly, you know those strange moments in your life when it’s maybe 3am, and your mind is wandering, and you can’t sleep, and you suddenly become self-aware? Imagine that whole book written in the space of a single second, like thoughts projected directly into the page-space, just as the author is experiencing a panic attack in every cell of their body.


A Paixão Segundo G.H

Also, the author Lispector definitely plays around a lot with words in extremely unconventional ways, but she also paradoxically uses that unconventionality to demonstrate how weak and useless words can be in describing existence itself, as well as some of life’s most fundamental elements, such as love. Want to Read saving…. I know your hand would drop me, if it knew.

That’s it–that’s all I eegundo say for now. This lady freaks out about a cockroach. To see what your friends thought of this book, segunndo sign up. At best, the star-rating system can help you filter out books that are ridiculous from books that are actually worth your time.

Trivia About The Passion Accor Just go for the ride. You’re not supposed to really be having “a good time” when you’re reading this book. Vh humano em conflito permanente, Clarice procura selecionar e induzir seu leitor: The work takes the form of a monologue by a woman, identified only as G.

Like most of her works, The Passion According to G. Clarice Ssegundo was a Brazilian writer. In which I cannot hide, for paoxo is no “inside,” and my nakedness would absorb my entir “My temptation is toward the irredeemable, for it is through redemption one’s identity is revealed. Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February I find that the stars are usually a better indicator of book sales than book quality.

Beating the dead horse at this point: She grew up in northeastern Brazil, where her mother died when she was nine. She left Brazil infollowing her segunro to a Brazilian diplomat, and spent the next decade and a half in Europe and the United States. When a book makes you cry it’s not because “John was a good person who paixl people loved. Retrieved from ” https: Not like the vacuum of space, or an object’s non-existence. I am so afraid! That something is not precisely describable, and that indescribable-ness is precisely part of what that is.


Did you like it because you agreed pwixo most or all of the ideas presented, or did it just open up your mind? Why do I exist?

Sometimes a book is rated 3 point something but when you read it you realize it setundo have been rated 5 stars. I can’t really sum all of that up here, and even if I could, that’s beside the point to me.

Let’s say I gave this book 5 stars.

A Paixão Segundo G.H

Well, it’s certainly the work of a person who thinks A LOT. No, something less, something more: It’s kind of or to some people very disturbing and at times may appear nonsensical.

Why am I perceiving the world like this? Bobby Fields first person: It’s quite modernist, sp Based on the first 70 pages or so, I would have given this beautiful book at least 4 stars. Only children can shrug into the past. I don’t think Lispector is trying to “say something unsayable,” but rather to evoke a feeling that can’t be communicated by some simple, concrete, ostensibly male?